Starting something brand new takes a lot of assets and careful operation.There are several stressors, when opening a new restaurant. However, the toughest decision and one of the biggest ventures for restaurant owner is purchasing equipment for the kitchen. Many think about whether choosing used restaurant equipment is favorable or troublesome. We have outlined a portion of the advantages to going with used, helping you make your decision a little bit easier. Here are 7 advantages of going with used restaurant equipment:

1. Saving expenses : Purchasing used equipment costs less than purchasing new. The one of the top reason to purchase used restaurant equipment is the money saving benefits. Used restaurant equipment can save your business money. This also allows the restaurateur to utilize the excess money in other important areas.

2. Like-New:  As the restaurant business has a high turnover rate, it’s quite possible that the second-hand items will be practically brand new. The wear and tear will be less but the cost will reflect not only the genuine manufacturer cost and brand but also the condition of the used items. Carefully examine the equipment, looking for signs of wear and tear like missing parts, rusts etc. if you are lucky enough, you can still get the warranty with an item that is not too old.

3. Negotiation: Costs for the used restaurant equipment are not rigid. This means that you can easily bargain with the sellers to get a better price than they are offering. Purchasing new restaurant equipment, though, doesn’t allow for this option. Don’t hesitate to counter-offer. It could spare you many dollars.

4. Complimentary Things: When purchasing several pieces of used restaurant equipment from the same seller, ask for a freebie, such as a toaster or a mixer. They may throw it in as a sign of goodness.

5. Tax breaker: New equipment is not the best way to deduct the large purchases for tax purchases. Both new and used restaurant equipment fit the bill for the Section 179 deduction. The duty code enables a business to deduct the full price tag of the items, meeting all requirements for a conclusion amid that present assessment year.

6. Life-span : Usually, new equipment has the longer and extended lifespan than used restaurant equipment. Again, this is not really genuine. It relies upon how it was utilized and maintained by the previous owner or owners.

7.  Environmental benefits : Buying used restaurant equipment is a type of reusing and recycling. By saving money, you are likewise helping nature and environment.

Overall, buying used restaurant equipment exhibits better value in short and long term. Most used items available through auction are in brilliant working condition and are a fraction of the price of another model.

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