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Restaurant Appliances Dallas

All The Restaurant Appliances You Need In Dallas!

With our extensive experience in the restaurant, food service and related industries, we know exactly what your restaurant needs to function smoothly. RHQ Design is a leading provider of appliances and equipment for restaurants functioning in and around Texas. We offer a huge range of quality, new restaurant appliances and kitchen supplies.

With a wide-ranging inventory that moves on a daily basis, we can provide you with all the machines, from the best brands in the business. Whether you are here to buy a single item or everything required for your restaurant, you will find it all. Here, at RHQ Design, we have all you need to ensure smooth operations at your bakery, bar and/or restaurant.

A Huge Range of Restaurant Appliances and Equipment

Our vast online catalogue has enthralled cooking enthusiasts from across Texas! Whether you are an amateur stay-at-home cooking enthusiast, an aspiring cook, a five star chef, or a restaurant owner, you will find all kitchen gadgets and appliances right here. Commercial blenders, beer dispensers, walk-in freezers and refrigerators, we serve it all!

If you are starting up a restaurant business or looking to replace the entire equipment within your existing restaurant, call us now for a quick quote.

High-Quality Products to Choose From

Offering the absolute best of restaurant appliances in Dallas to select from, we can also help with creating the optimum layout for your professional kitchen, ensuring that your staff has access to the new appliances all the time.

We buy our kitchen appliance inventory straight from manufacturers, giving us some amazing price savings over others. We pass these savings on to you, our buyers! That’s why our amazing range is available on affordable and competitive prices.

We are committed to providing friendly customer service, while providing local restaurant and eateries with all the appliances they need. Get in touch with us to get quick quotes for all the appliances you require. We will work with you to source the ones we don’t have and provide fast and safe delivery options for everything you need.

Call right now to talk to one of our restaurant appliance specialists.

restaurant prep tables
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